Pickerington, Ohio Roofing Contractor

Pickerington Ohio Roofing RepairMany people recently have asked the question: “How do I know that my home roof needs replacement due to storm damage before winter in Pickering, Ohio?” Located just southeast of Columbus, Pickering misses some of the icy winds blowing off Lake Erie that regularly strike Cleveland. However, we do experience the same heavy, blustering winter storms that strike Ohio during colder months. If you want to have your roof inspected by a roofer before winter, you should act now.

Obvious Signs of Roof Damage

Clearly, if recent storms removed shingles and/or roofing nails from portions of your roof, the roof sustained sufficient damage to benefit from timely repairs. Even if the majority of tiles remain, portions of your roofing system face heightened exposure to snow, sleet, ice and freezing rain as winter approaches. You should act quickly before this inclement weather arrives to protect your roof from further deterioration.

Sometimes during the process of tiles blowing off the roof, nails, branches or other debris create gouges in the exposed surface. Tiny pinpoint holes could allow rain or melting snow to seep into the roof, creating damp conditions that cause problems later. Since water does not always travel in a direct line, but may drip along attic beams and other supporting structures, leaks sometimes develop in areas removed from the initial impact site.

Other Repair Considerations

Additionally, even in the absence of missing tiles, storms occasionally cause damage to exposed metal flashing around places in the roof that house chimneys, vents, skylights, pipes and other locations where structures insert through the roof. Left uncorrected, loose flashing eventually promotes the entrance of water into the structure.

So if you’ve sustained a severe storm, and you suspect the possibility of roof damage, it makes sense to ask a professional roofer to inspect your roof top and verify its condition. Experienced roofing contractors sometimes detect problem areas before significant damage occurs.

By arranging for repairs prior to the arrival of severe winter weather, homeowners often prevent more significant bills later. Few home repair issues remain more aggravating than discovering a leak in the roof after cold weather and rainy conditions arrive and delay roof work.

Arrange For Replacement Early

If you do plan on replacing your roof soon, you might want to consider taking steps to have this work completed prior to the onset of extremely