Hire Grosse Construction Services for Roof Repair and Stamped Concrete Patio Services In Lewis Center, Ohio.

A damaged roof should be repaired immediately. The damage to the roof could be due to a thunderstorm or other inclement weather conditions. The roof might also need repairs if the home has not been updated in several years. Prolonging the repairs can lower the property value. It can also put a family in danger. A roof that has cracks or holes can be cause for mold growth inside your home. The professionals at Grosse Construction Services can repair the damaged roof and install a patio. The technicians specialize in repairing damaged roofs and adding stamped concrete patios to homes.

Roof Repair Services

The roof will naturally weaken over a period of several years. The deterioration occurs faster in rainy and snowy climates. Grosse Construction Services has been offering roof repair services to Ohio residents for more than 50 years. An inexperienced repairman should never venture onto a damaged roof. The injuries from a fall could be severe or fatal. The company’s experienced technicians will examine the damaged roof. After identifying the problem areas, they will repair the damaged areas.

Stamped Concrete Services

In addition to roof repair services, the company can install a durable stamped concrete patio. The patio can usually be installed in less than a month from the time you sign a contract to completion, and the concrete can withstand inclement weather. It is also functional enough to hold heavy patio furniture. Before starting the job, the technicians will let the homeowner know the estimated completion date. The technicians know the importance of having a smooth patio. During the summer months, a person might want to walk barefoot on the patio. The technicians will make sure shards of concrete are not jetting out of the patio. They will also work with the homeowner to ensure the patio is perfect for entertaining guests.

The company is committed to offering excellent customer service to Lewis Center, Ohio residents. A friendly customer service representative is always available to schedule appointments. At the time of the repair, the customer can ask the technicians any questions regarding the repair or installation. Contact Grosse Construction Services today to schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable