Storm Damage Roofing Roofing Contractor in Columbus, Pickerington, Powell and Pataskala, Ohio

We can come to your home and give your roof a comprehensive roof storm damage inspection. Our knowledge on hail damage, wind-damage, and manufacturer defects will assure you that we will provide an honest and free assessment.

If storm damage is found, we can meet your insurance adjuster on site to review the damage found and expedite the claim process so that your home can be repaired in a timely manner (usually within 2 days of your insurance claim approval).

How can I tell if my homes roof has storm damage in Ohio?

Severe storms may bring heavy winds, hail stones and torrential downpours. It is the job of your roof to protect the structure of your home from damage when a severe storm strikes, but even the highest quality roof may become damaged during a severe storm. As a homeowner in Ohio, it is wise to review the condition of your home’s roof from time to time, and this is especially important to do after a severe storm strikes. There are a few steps that you can take to inspect your roof for signs of damage.

A Visual Inspection

In some cases, homeowners may be able to spot signs of damage from the ground level. For example, if you walk around your home’s exterior and notice signs of shingles or tiles on the ground, you can reasonably expect that your home’s roof requires at least a minor repair. You may also be able to see damage on the roof by looking upward. A common sign of damage is when you see bare patches on the roof where shingles are missing or when you notice that the roof’s surface is not laying flat as it should be. If you notice these signs, you may consider calling a roofing contractor to complete repairs as soon as possible.

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A Professional Inspection

You should be aware that not all roof damage is visible from the ground level, and not all homeowners will be able to determine if their roof is damaged. Because of this, it is wise to request a professional roofing inspection from a contractor from time to time. You may consider getting a roof inspection annually as a precautionary step or after a major storm as needed. A professional roofer will typically climb onto the top of the roof to use a well-trained eye to complete an up-close inspection. This generally will provide you with more thorough information than your own visual examination of the roof.

Ohio residents know first-hand just how treacherous some storms can be, and they may regularly rely on their roof to keep their home safe and sound. However, because a roof can take a beating during inclement weather, it is important to pay attention to its condition. After each storm, you may conduct your own visual examination of the roof from the ground level, but you should also consider the benefits of a professional roof inspection from an experienced contractor. Making repairs as soon as possible will help you to keep your home in the best condition possible.