Why chose a smooth finish verses a stamped finish concrete in Columbus, Ohio?

Concrete is one of the best building materials for homes in Columbus, Ohio. As the capital of the state, Columbus is home to many people and thousands of both residential and commercial buildings. Some prefer the look of stamped concrete, which requires that the installers pour the concrete and actually place a stamp over the top that places a permanent design in the top surface. Smooth concrete is a better choice for some, especially when compared to stamped concrete, because it comes with many benefits.

Surface Options

Many people pick stamped concrete because they think that it comes in more options than smooth concrete does. Smooth concrete is a good choice for many though because it has a nice and smooth surface. When building owners opt for stamped concrete, they usually have fewer choices when it comes to changing that concrete later. They will need to pay someone to remove the old concrete, which requires that pros break up the concrete, clear it away and then pour fresh concrete on top. Some surfaces can support fresh concrete poured right on top. With smooth concrete, property owners can opt for a polished finish or a design painted on the surface that they can more easily swap out later.

Longer Lasting

As part of the Midwest, Columbus is susceptible to a problem called the freeze thaw cycle, which occurs in even the most mild of winters. As soon as the temperature drops, any liquid freezes in place. When the temperature rises above freezing, it causes those frozen spots to melt. As the temperature keeps rising and dropping, it makes that liquid freeze and then thaw. The liquid can get inside and both expand and contract, which causes significant damage to the concrete. This problem occurs more often on stamped concrete because the design can crack or chip and let in more liquid. Smooth concrete has a smoother finish that isn’t as susceptible to the freeze thaw cycle and can last longer.

Less Accidents

While stamped concrete can look great on a patio, around a swimming pool or even in a parking lot, it can also increase the number of accidents that occur. Stamped concrete often has hills and valleys on the surface from the stamping tools, and anyone who walks by can trip on one of those decorations and fall down, which can cause problems like broken bones and other injuries. As stamped concrete is much smoother, people can walk freely over the surface without tripping or falling.

Stamped concrete is best for those who want something highly decorative and those who want to create a focal point that will turn heads, but it’s not always the best for those who live in Columbus. Those who own commercial or residential buildings will find that it can cause more accidents, cost more to change in the future and last less time than they want. Smooth concrete lasts longer, causes fewer accidents and comes in different surface options that professionals can change and