Benefits Of a Stamped Concrete Finish Vs a Conventional Broom Finish in Columbus Ohio?

Though stamped concrete isn’t a new invention, it has only recently become a commonly offered choice for concrete finishing. Stamped concrete is literally concrete that has been finished with a stamp that creates patterns in the surface of the concrete. While stamped concrete may be a relatively new finishing option, it has a number of benefits over traditional broom finishing. Homeowners, builders and others who are interested in choosing a type of concrete finish, should understand the different advantages of stamped concrete in order to make an informed decision.


The primary benefit of stamped concrete is its beauty. Stamped concrete can be created in a variety of patterns, shapes and colors to accentuate the appearance and design of a home, business or other structure. All stamped concrete must be sealed, the sealing process not only protects the concrete from the weather and elements but depending on the type of sealer, you can achieve a glossy (wet look) or you can apply a sealer that’s provides a more flat/dull look depending on the style you are trying to compliment. This is yet another feature stamped concrete provides that is not generally available with broom finished concrete.

Financial Considerations

Stamped concrete floors costs more to install than brushed/broomed concrete floors. In addition to the higher initial cost, stamped concrete will still need to be sealed every few years to maintain that bright vibrant color. When stamped concrete is used for a pool surround it will need a silica product added to the sealer in order to keep it from being too slick when it is wet. Though sealing with a slip resistant agent added to the sealer will add to the cost it’s a minimal up-charge. Stamped concrete will not wear as quickly as brushed concrete which may become smooth over time due to wear. When brushed concrete becomes smooth, it may also need an abrasive added to it to provide traction. Though stamped concrete costs more than brushed, it will add much more value to a home or other property due to its superior