Decorative and Stamped Concrete Contractors in Columbus, Ohio

Stamped concrete columbus ohioStamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is our first option when selecting a decorative concrete surface (Most popular). This decorative stamp is accomplished by adding a minimum of 2 different colors to the ready mix (concrete supplied by truck), then imprinting a particular design into the concrete. Our method of applying colors to our decorative stamping is by using a color hardener for a base color and troweling it into the surface. We then throw an antiquing release agent over the entire surface before laying our stamps across the already colored pad. There are many designs/options available from a cobblestone paver look, to a larger natural granite stone. Stamped concrete is usually a cheaper alternative to pavers and you never have to worry about grass growing out of concrete like most paver patios start to do after a year or two.

Exposed Aggregate

Our second decorative concrete finish would be exposed aggregate. This decorative aggregate contains small round gravel (#8 gravel), that is mixed into the ready mix, in place of the usual #57 limestone. The concrete is placed in the same manner as any other typical concrete pour but gradually towards the end of finishing the concrete we apply a surface retarder. This lets the base of the concrete continue to set up at its normal curing rate while the surface is kept from setting up for an additional 6-12 hrs from the retarding agent. At this point the surface is washed away exposing a beautiful, unique decorative finish.

Stained Concrete

concrete paoios columbus ohio

Another way of making your concrete to stand out from the rest is to stain it. We offer both exterior and interior concrete staining. A money saving option on any existing or new pad. Exterior concrete can sometimes become dull over time and not have very much curb appeal as it once did, but with concrete stain we can surely revamp your pad and also save you the customer, some money. I

Interior concrete staining is spectacular way of finishing your basement floor so that you have a diverse and durable option for finishing an area of you home where moisture/flooding is always a risk of ruining many other flooring options. Old or new we can stain your pad to look fabulous.

Stamped Overlay

Our final decorative concrete finish option we offer is applying a stamped concrete overlay to an existing concrete pad. This option is utilized when customers have old worn concrete but want to save the costs of tearing out and replacing completely. The first step in the process for a stamped concrete overlay is, to first clean and fill an holes or ridges to create a nice flat surface. Next a bonding agent is applied to the entire area to be overlaid. Finally the the overlay materials are integrally colored and applied to the surface of the bonding agent. The secondary colors can be done using an antique release or by applying a stain. There are just as many stamp designs available for overlays, as is with standard stamped concrete. At the end of the job either a high performance sealer or a standard decorative concrete sealer