Why is stamped concrete the right choice for your homes patio in Columbus, Ohio?

If you are considering a new patio for you home or expanding or remodeling an existing one, then stamped concrete may be a superb option for your project. These days no one wants a patio that’s nothing more than a bare slab of traditional, poured concrete. Homeowners in the Columbus area are opting for decks, which required expensive maintenance, upkeep, and repair or they are researching more modern options like stamped concrete for their attractive new patio. Here are some of the reasons why:

Stamped concrete vs paving stones

The look that you achieve with pavers may be similar; however, the installation process is anything but. Paving stones are hauled to the work site and placed individually by hand in a tedious and expensive process that requires a lot of hours and skill. Stamped concrete is poured, allow to set somewhat, and then stamped in your chosen pattern. Once it has finished hardening, it’s done! The process is much less labor intensive. This leads to substantial savings over other materials without sacrificing the look you want your new patio to have.

Stamped concrete vs deck installation

If you want to avoid the hardcore maintenance that a wood deck requires, but want something more original with architectural detail, then stamped concrete may be exactly what you’re looking for. Decks require seasonal cleaning, annual staining, and costly repairs over the course of their lifetime. By contrast, stamped concrete only requires minimal care, such as occasional sweeping and possibly pressure washing when desired and a decorative sealer applied once every 2-3 years to maintain a beautiful vibrant appearance. Plus stamped concrete is long-lasting and not prone to termites or other infestations. It’s inert! So if you want a patio without high maintenance needs, this is the perfect choice for your project.

Stamped concrete varieties

You may be picturing slab gray concrete with a pattern when you think of stamped concrete, but it is much, much more than that! It is actually available in a wide variety of different colors, patterns, and textures. You could have a patio that looks like high-end marble or exotic natural stone, not to mention brickwork or even an amazing approximation of weathered lumber. All of this from the same simple, cost-effective material. You could even recreate the cobbled streets of Paris or Rome right in your own backyard. Most homeowners are un-aware that stamped concrete is not real stone or pavers until they are made aware that its actually concrete!

When you begin planning for that brand new patio, consider using stamped concrete for the project. You will be very satisfied with the results – high customization, cost- and labor-saving, and easy to take care of for the