Top 10 Reasons why Columbus, Ohio Homeowners are Choosing Stamped Concrete Patios

Here is a look at ten of the top reasons why Columbus, Ohio homeowners are choosing the versatile look of stamped concrete patios.

1. Stamped Concrete Patios are cost effective.

In the long run stamped concrete can be a big savings. When installation and maintenance costs are figured in, it can be a far less costly choice than installing expensive paving stones or conventional decks.

2. Stamped Concrete patios are customized.

There are many creative custom designs available for stamped concrete. The versatile customization of stamped concrete is a big draw as opposed to the predictable look of conventional decks or paving stones.

3. Stamped Concrete patios are durable.

Often after only about 12-15 years a conventional deck will need to be replaced due to warped wood or other structural problems. Stamped Concrete decks look beautiful after years of use!

4. Stamped Concrete patios are low-maintenance.

Compared to conventional decks and paved patios, stamped concrete patios are low-maintenance and virtually hassle free!

5. Stamped Concrete patios can be installed quickly.

In a relatively short time stamped concrete patios can be installed and ready to enjoy.

6. Stamped Concrete patios are eco-friendly.

Conventional decks use lumber which can deplete resources and they need maintenance with potentially harmful chemicals. Ecologically-conscious homeowners can install an ecologically-friendly stamped concrete patio instead!

7. Stamped Concrete patios can experience minimal damage.

Paving stones can become chipped. Wood can be damaged by water or termites. Compared to many other options, stamped concrete patios may not be as easily damaged.

8. Stamped Concrete patios are a perfect surface for backyard barbecues.

When having a backyard barbecue, it is so helpful to have a level, even surface to use for entertaining. Stamped Concrete makes a great surface for enjoying favorite relaxation and recreational activities in the backyard.

9. Stamped Concrete patios are easier on feet than some other surfaces.

Some paving stones have uneven surfaces that can cause trips and falls. Conventional decks could cause splinters. Stamped concrete patios are comfortable and easy on feet.

10. Stamped Concrete patios can mimic more expensive natural materials.

Stamped Concrete can be customized to mimic the look of high-end materials such as brick, slate, flagstone and even wood at a much more reasonable cost than the natural materials.

With all of these reasons it’s easy to see why stamped concrete is becoming such a popular choice for Columbus homeowners in enhancing their outdoor living