Why is spring in Ohio the best time to have Grosse Construction install a stamped concrete patio on your home in Columbus, Ohio?

A stamped concrete patio can be a very attractive and useful addition to any Ohio home. An issue is deciding when to have the patio installed by a company like Grosse Construction. The season is very important. Here are some reasons why spring in Ohio is one of the best times to have Grosse Construction install a new stamped concrete patio.

Moderate Temperatures

One of the reasons that spring in Ohio is a good time to install a new stamped concrete patio is the temperature. Spring temperatures in Ohio tend to be moderate. This is exactly what Grosse Construction needs to do a good job. If it is too cold outside, then the moisture in the concrete will freeze. If it is too hot, then the concrete could set up to quickly and cause the finishing process to be difficult. Spring offers the perfect balance so that the concrete will cure properly and hold the shape of the stamps without any problems.

Low Chance of Extreme Storms

Another problem that can destroy a concrete patio in Ohio is an extreme storm. A long and heavy rainstorm can completely ruin the freshly laid concrete patio so being diligent to weather forecasts is very important when planning to pour a patio. Spring is a good time to call in Grosse Construction to create a new stamped concrete patio because there is a lower chance of extreme storms.

Plenty of Time for Curing and Settling

Something to consider is that a newly poured and stamped concrete patio needs time to set up. It will take about 30 days for the concrete to actually cure all the way through even though it can technically be used within a few days of placement. If Grosse Construction installs the patio too close to fall or winter, then there might not be enough time for everything to cure prior to sealer being applied. Spring in Ohio is the right time because there will be months until the weather turns very bad in the fall. The patio will be fully cured and ready for winter by that point.

Enjoy the Patio Soon After Installation

A final reason spring is when homeowners should call Grosse Construction for a new stamped concrete patio is that it can be enjoyed soon after installation is complete. Installing a patio close to winter means homeowners might have to wait until the next year to use it. The family in the home can come out in just a couple of weeks and start using the patio at the same time temperatures in Ohio are