Columbus, Ohio Concrete Contractors

Concrete Contractors Columbus OhioWe are a family owned business and have been in the residential construction industry for over 21 years. Starting out doing custom homes has given us the opportunity to become familiar with all the aspects of home construction.

Out of all the various aspects of the building process we have come to enjoy the concrete portion of the process the most and for the past 15 years have dedicated our concrete services as one of our main services we provide.

We use only high quality ready-mix suppliers giving our customers a product that will last many years. Our knowledge of our products and dedication to details will give you a patio or driveway that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Why hire a local concrete contractor like Grosse Construction Services in Columbus Ohio to pour your concrete?

There is so much more to concrete than meets the eye. For one thing, a local concrete contractor like Grosse Construction Services in Columbus OH knows the typical composition of Columbus Ohio’s soils. Concrete contractors are highly trained in matching the types of sub-bases available on a particular jobsite to the correct concrete psi strength needed for their customers’ needs. Then, there’s also the knowledge needed to know how to apply the concrete to different, existing surfaces. Hiring a local concrete contractor can avoid major DIY problems that occur due to lack of proper knowledge, experience and training a professional concrete contractor like Grosse Construction Services offers.

Concrete Driveways Columbus OhioPouring Concrete – A Major Part of the Job

In addition to superior knowledge and experience in the concrete contracting industry, Grosse Construction Services provides state-of-the-art concrete pouring techniques using today’s most comprehensive equipment. Concrete needs to be poured at proper temperatures and the composition of the concrete is thoroughly checked before pouring begins. Pouring concrete today also means a special knowledge of decorative styles of concrete so popular and in demand by homeowners and commercial businesses. Grosse Construction Services offers concrete services that include:


This provides Grosse Construction Services customers with a wider range of choices other local concrete contractors don’t offer. Grosse Construction Services enjoys a loyal list of clientele. This is a result of more than two decades as a leader in concrete contracting. Another reason to hire Grosse Construction Services is the assurance of highest quality concrete product and the most creative team of concrete designers. Concrete poured by these experts is certain to add property value and curb appeal. For the city of Columbus, this is also a measure of gentrification that is much appreciated by the entire community. Residents of Columbus can turn a bland, worn looking drive or parking lot into an artistic, colorful, concrete design. The effect is a fresh new appeal that catches attention.

Durable, Long Lasting Beauty for Columbus, OH Residents

Grosse Construction Services provides excellent customer service, attention to detail and durable, long lasting beauty for Columbus residents who need the best local concrete contractors. In the Columbus region, the very best is Grosse Construction Services.